Article by: Molly Rose Fehringer, Billings

I came back to Billings wanting to work for Juli Pierce. Having worked as a domestic violence prosecutor two states away, I knew who she was. I knew she had been fighting to keep my hometown safe from rapists, murderers, child abusers and domestic violence perpetrators. I wanted to learn from her and was eager to have her as my supervisor when I moved back in 2017.

Smart, passionate, fair, level-headed and open to all who walked into her office — this is the Juli Pierce I came to know and had the privilege of working for. I expect she’ll remain the same on the bench; smart about handling the heavy caseloads; passionate about seeing justice served; fair to all litigants, survivors, defendants and attorneys; level-headed about applying the law; and open to the public she’ll serve.

Yellowstone County is the busiest judicial district in the state. Juli Pierce has spent more than 14 years trying cases and appearing in the very court where she’s running, and her experience isn’t limited to the criminal prosecutions that made our county safer. Child dependencies, family law matters, civil suits — you name it, she’s handled it. This is who our community needs as judge. This is who has the experience and know-how to handle the tough demands of the job. Day one, she will be ready to go. My vote for Department 8 District Court Judge is Juli Pierce and yours should be, too.

Source: Billings Gazette